Where to find our products


  • The Oranjezight City Farm Market, Granger Bay
  • Publik Wine Bar
  • The Olive Branch Deli, Lifestyles on Kloof
  • Organic Zone Lakeside
  • Baconville Willowbridge Shopping Centre
  • Gardens Continental Butchery
  • Chardonnay Deli
  • Online through Wild Organics
  • Online through richardbosman.co.za/buy-products/
  • Online through Cure Deli
  • Jacksons Real Food Market, Riverside Shopping Centre, Bryanston
  • Jacksons Real Food Market Kyalami Corner
  • Selected Spars
  • The Cheese Gourmet – 7th Street Linden, JHB
  • Zevenwacht
  • Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants
  • Vineyard Deli, Kenridge
  • Familier Stellenbosch
  • Corner Shop Pretoria
  • Mandys Marvelous Meats Pretoria
  • The Leopard Jhb

Contact Us:

Richard Bosman 083 277 3494

16 Scheckter Road, Killarney Gardens


48 Responses to Where to find our products

  1. Vanessa says:

    Hey Richard – great to find your site! FYI Houw Hoek also has a web (site): http:www.houwhoekfarmstall.co.za

  2. Eddy Brembilla says:

    Hello Richard,

    Came across your website on Food24. Got all excited when I clicked on “where to find our products” and then ………… a blow to the nether regions. No one in Gauteng!!!. I am Italian and an avid foodie but I find most of the pork products we get locally are more doctored than cured. Any plans of extending your distribution base???

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  5. Hi Richard,
    it was really great for Everson’s Cider to be at your Chef’s table yesterday!
    Thank’s for all the great food & company!
    Please send me a list of all the guys that was there,it will be good to network with them on the cider!

  6. Hi there Richard, I am also Italian and buy Prosciutto and Salami from Italian Deli’s at exorbitant prices. You mentioned possible selling your products at a new market opening in Braamfontein. Anything definite yet, anywhere in Jhb ? Thanks; your Blog is great. Regards, Franco.

    • Hi Franco,

      You can purchase my products at the Cheese Gourmet in Lyndon. The Braamfontein market is opening on the 10th of September and we will be there as well.


      • Hello again Richard, Thank you for your reply; as I don’t know about the market opening in Braamfontein, could you please tell me more and also where it is going to be situated. Thanks again, Regards, Franco.

      • Hi Franco,
        It is the Neighbourgoods Market at 73 Juts Street, Braamfontein.


      • Robert Appelbaum says:

        Richard I have just sampled some of your treats in Fransvhoek. If I closed my eyes I would have thought I was back in Spain. Have you opened in Braamfontein? Have you tried to sell through Thrupps in Illovo, Johannesburg. In my opinion that is where you need to be. Moreover, is it possible to buy a side, rather than packets containing a few slices? Robert

      • Hi Robert, thanks for the feedback. I used to supply the Neighbourgoods market in Braamfontein but had to stop due to staff issues. Thrupps were contacted a while ago but decided not to stock the product. You can however find it at the Cheese Gourmet in Linden, Melissas in Parkhurst and online through the Organic Emporium in Bryanston.


      • and yes, I can supply whole sides as well. Some of my more discerning restaurants and private clients prefer to slice themselves.

  7. Alla says:

    Do You sale any cured meat in USA ? How may I buy it ?
    We tasted it in South Africa and like it.

  8. Sarah says:

    Your bresaola is delicious.

  9. Stormsvlei Farm Stall & Restaurant’s deli fridge is all stocked up! Thanks for the delivery.

  10. Pam says:

    Hi – I saw the Sanlam review for your product in garden and home. I have been searching for salami’s and other cured meats free of sodium nitrite. Do you use this in your products? I understand it is used to maintain colour and I have seen some cheeses now contain it.

    Thanks, Pam

    • Hi Pam, thanks for the enquiry. I do use nitrates in the curing process. While they do keep the colour pink the primary use is to prevent bacterial growth on the meat and spoilage. There is quite a lot of mixed reports about nitrates and the studies on them are associative and not causal. We also ingest most of our nitrate intake from green vegetables such as spinach and celery. In fact most of the “nitrate free” cured products in the US have added celery juice which is just another way to add nitrates to the meat. I have made nitrate free bacon in the past which is risky and usually results in about 20% spoilage during production. I have supplied the product to a local health shop in Woodstock but the sales were very poor and the line was discontinued. Personally I think the problem with a lot of processed meats is all the other additives such as flavourants, phosphates, colourants and extenders. The only way to shop is to look at the ingredients on the packet. Hope this helps.

  11. Pam says:

    Thanks very much. That does help. It is difficult to sort through a lot of the studies that are released and find the ‘ evidence based ‘ results versus the inflammatory statements. Will definitely give your products a try.

  12. Hi. I am always looking for bacon that has a lot of fat left on it. Most available bacon is too lean. Do you leave fat on your bacon? If yes, how can I order such bacon in quantity in Jhb? I am close to the Cheese Gourmet in Linden.

    • Hi Gail,

      I do have bacon with more fat on however 99% of customers prefer it with less fat which is why it is hard to find. I can send some to Cheese Gourmet if you would like. How much are you wanting to purchase?


  13. Thanks Richard. I think you will find that more and more people want fatty bacon as Tim Noakes Real Meal eating plan takes off. I will get back to you re an order.

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  15. Arianna says:

    Hello Richard,
    is it possible to know in which Checkers and Spar shops it’s possible to buy your products?
    I need some deli meat with no diary, no wheat, no nitrate, no sugar…is this the case?
    Thank you!

  16. Sheryl says:

    Hi Richard, please add the Oranjezicht City Farm Market to your list of outlets. Thanks Sheryl

  17. Gillian Fraser says:

    Hi. Is there anywhere to get your uncured bacon in Hillcrest, Durban area please

  18. Elizabeth Du Toit says:

    Hi do you sell sugar free bacon please?

  19. Fiavandermerwe@gmail.com says:

    Richard can I buy your product in Bloemfontein and where?

  20. Samantha Nortje says:

    Dear Richard
    Please can you let me know where I can buy your bacon and does it have any sugar or carbs in your process
    Samantha – samantha.nortje@me.com

    • Hi Samantha, we don’t use any sugar or carbs in the bacon curing process. Where are you based? Our bacon is available in selected Spars and delis or you can come to the Oranjezight Farm Market at Granger Bay on Saturdays.

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  22. Andrew Gaylord says:

    Hi Richard. PLease can you add The Deli Picnic Shop @ Greensleeves in the Cradle of Humankind to your list of Stockists

  23. Jenny says:

    Hi Richard
    I recently purchased some pork sausage charcuterie.. it was divine, but now I cannot find the supplier. Is this something you do?? I did go to the Linden cheese market to see if there was anything but no luck. Would you be able to help? Jenny

  24. Michelle Viljoen says:

    Hi Richard. I’m looking for sugar free/ carb free/ bacon & cold meats. where can i find your products Tableview/ parklands area? thanks, Michelle

  25. Sibulele Duba says:

    I have recently bought your spice rubs from @home online. I am eager to try them and glad to have visited your site. I wish to visit your place one day.


    Good afternoon do you sell salami

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