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Charcuterie selection pack 200g

Putting together the perfect charcuterie board is easy. If you follow a couple of easy guidelines.

  1. You need a variety of cured meats.
  2. Arrange them in a non symmetrical way and try to get a bit of height in the presentation (please people – no rolling up of the meat – the 80s are OVER).
  3. Ideal additions to your platter include cheese, rillettes and pickled vegetables and of course some decent sourdough bread.

There is not too much more to add. I am not a big fan of adding fruit but at this time of the year some fresh figs can be a delicious enhancement.

We have just launched 2 new products that are ideal for platters. The first is a 200g selection containing prosciutto, coppa, bresaola, salami and chorizo. Ideal for a platter for four people. You can order them for home delivery here

The second is a 200g salami and chorizo selection pack which can be used for platters, sandwiches or just to snack on with some olives during your favourite sporting event (if you support Liverpool you might need something stronger than olives).

Salami and chorizo selection 200g

About richardbosman

I am a passionate foodie and have turned my hobby into my business. We make beautiful, delicious cured meats from the finest raw materials.
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