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Therein lies the rub …..

I’m currently on a bit of a bacon crusade. Certain members of my family call me the Boss of Bacon and at times in my fantasy world I imagine myself defending innocent bacon lovers against the perils of pumped commercial … Continue reading

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Plant a seed….

I’ve been quite busy in the garden at The Studio recently. Not a weekend passes without the fabulous J popping down to the local nursery to forage for beautiful and exotic plants to add to our thriving little piece of … Continue reading

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It’s bacon Jim but not as we know it…

Our bacon is special. For several reasons. Firstly, we use pasture reared pork that is free of any growth hormones and antibiotics. Secondly, the pork is not injected with any brine but is rather salted by hand and air dried. … Continue reading

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It’s what’s inside that counts

We only use the finest quality pasture raised pork in our products. Farmer Charlie Crowther of Glen Oakes Farm breeds pigs to our specifications and the care and attention he provides ensures that we get the very best. Free of … Continue reading

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