A new chapter begins……..

If memory serves, last weekend was the 15th course that I have run in Prince Albert with Jeremy Freemantle. Over the years we have had many great courses and this was definitely one of them.

What is also special is that this was the first event at the new home for the Real Food Company. Jeremy has taken over the former Olive Branch restaurant and has turned it into his new home. No visit to Prince Albert is complete without a visit to the Real Food Company. Jeremy is always busy and bookings are a must. The food is absolutely delicious and Jeremy is constantly changing the menu. He has a passion for asian inspired dishes and has a vast array of spices and sauces in the kitchen. The restaurant also has a large herb garden that provides fresh rosemary, thyme, parsley, chervil, sage, origanum, lettuce, marjoram, rocket and chives for the kitchen.

We always serve a slow roast pork shoulder on the second day of the course and guests who are not participating in the course are always welcome to join in for the meals.

We’ll be setting the 2020 dates for courses shortly and will keep you posted.


About richardbosman

I am a passionate foodie and have turned my hobby into my business. We make beautiful, delicious cured meats from the finest raw materials.
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