The New Normal…….

How does one even start.

We are navigating through a sea of daily changes and the only constant appears to be uncertainty. The key to survival is going to be adaptation. Nothing new to Darwin et al and nothing our ancestors have not had to do in the past when the world went through wars, pandemics, industrial revolutions and climate upheavals.

In years to come we will be able to analyse how the Covid-19 situation was handled in each country and whether it was effective, what could have been done better and what should be avoided the next time around.

However without the benefit of hind sight, we can choose to complain, moan and blame but the reality is that we need to adapt and survive. New ways of working will evolve, new shopping patterns will become mainstream, new etiquettes will be adopted for online meetings and new technologies will be developed to enable productivity during self isolation.

Commander J has seamlessly reinvented her business model and is offering online zoom pilates classes ( They are extremely popular and she now has clients all over the world – something that was not possible before. Just please remember to mute your microphones please. Your huffing, puffing and moans can interfere with my guitar practise.

Our business has supplied many restaurants in South Africa over the past 10 years and many of the owners are my friends. Watching the hospitality industry be decimated by the lock down has been extremely hard and our thoughts are with you all.

We have had to change our business model to adapt. Happily we can now offer you home deliveries in Cape Town and Gauteng.

Hopefully you can now spice up your banana bread recipes with some bacon, chorizo and prosciutto 🙂

To order simply go to to place orders.

We are also about to launch an App that will also allow you to order. I will post the details as soon as it is released.


About richardbosman

I am a passionate foodie and have turned my hobby into my business. We make beautiful, delicious cured meats from the finest raw materials.
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    Wonderful post Rich! I hope it brings you lots of orders xxxxxxSent from my Huawei Mobile

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