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I am a passionate foodie and have turned my hobby into my business. We make beautiful, delicious cured meats from the finest raw materials.

Of Course…….

The one day course I am running this year is proving to be extremely popular. Feb is full, I have added a March course which is also full and am considering an April course too. If you are interested please … Continue reading

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The silence is broken. After a roller coaster year of renovations, expansion, opening a restaurant and a couple of trips to Jozi I have finally made it back to the blog. Phew I would like to thank all my customers … Continue reading

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Spice Route…..

  One of my problems up until now has been the ability to show people all the products I make. My customers stock different parts of my range but none have the full range. Up until now that is. If … Continue reading

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What am I?

The earliest known town in Europe was built because of me…… Wars were fought over me……. I used to be worth more than gold…….. You would die without me…….. Too much of me will kill you…… I'm found all over … Continue reading

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V Day……..

I've never been accused of being romantic, nor have I been described as a volatile and reckless person, however I do enjoy a bit of romance, special food (obviously) and hard as it might be to believe I do experience … Continue reading

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The Great Nitrate Debate….

  One of the questions I get asked most often is wether or not I use nitrates in the curing of my meats. It is a very controversial subject and I will try to put as many facts together in … Continue reading

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A Castles Secrets……

  I have a cooking cousin, Claudia Cabri aka Miss Lunch who lives in Paris (the French one) and runs a cooking school, restaurant, writes cookbooks and is also an artist. She has Sundays off too, would you believe unless … Continue reading

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